Not Just Strong, Mommy Strong

Strolling Like a Mother®

Fitness, Friendship, and Fun For Mom and Child

From a simple playdate, SLAM was born

Strolling Like a Mother® was started by two mommy friends, Stacey and Cat, one spring day in 2013. Since that first stroller workout, we have since held hundreds of workouts in both Idaho and Washington. Whether you are here for our park-centered stroller workout or are interested in trying out our HIIT classes or personal training offerings, we hope what you will find in SLAM is a safe place to be YOU. We want to support your fitness needs, but we also hope to provide you with friendships during this difficult and wonderful journey called motherhood – and we hope​ to add some fun to your fitness!  We are here to cheer you on, lift you up, and challenge you.

HIIT Studio Classes

Training in our Small Indoor Space

$6/class or $30 Unlimited Monthly

Personal Training

1:1 or 1:2 personalized instruction

* * $10 a session * *

Park HIIT Sessions

Group exercise classes in parks (at Nazarene Church until warmer)

$6/class or $30 Unlimited Monthly

“This is such a wonderful experience with your child, and at the same time, you get a great workout. This is the best workout experience I have had, and I look forward to it every week!”

Crystal A.